At HELTUN, we are designing the future of the smart home. We started in 2014 to redefine home comfort control with the HELTUN heating and fan coil thermostats. These stylish devices were engineered to control many different types of heating and air conditioning units while providing uncompromising style and user experience. Next, we launched a new concept in home control interfaces: the HELTUN Wall Touch Panel Switch which allowed five different relays to wirelessly control up to 90 devices giving you unprecedented control of motorized curtains, blinds, windows and doors, and electronic locks, valves, and lights. We currently distribute those HELTUN products across 16 countries in the EU and Russian Federation.

„HELTUN HE–TPS02“ pažangus programuojamas jungiklis „DUO“ su ..
„HELTUN HE–HT01“ pažangus programuojamas termostatas yra elegantiškai sukur..
  „HELTUN HE–FT01“ pažangus programuojamas termostatas yra eleganti&scaron..
„HELTUN HE–TPS05“ pažangus programuojamas perjungiklis „Quinto“ su jut..
„HELTUN HE–RS01“ relės perjungiklis „Quinto“ (t. y., penkių kanalų) be..